The 10Adventures Podcast

Lisa Germany on pursuing a life of travel

August 23, 2021

On this episode, we welcome back 10Adventures contributor Lisa Germany for our second chat on the 10Adventures Podcast. Lisa has lived an incredible life of travel, and now in her 40’s, she shares how she’s been able to maintain a consistent lifestyle of travel and discovering the world since she began to travel back in her 20’s. 

We dive into Lisa’s story, including how she fell in love with hiking in Chile, her time spent overlanding on the Silk Road, and how her adventures have brought her to some pretty far-out places, like Turkmenistan!

Find out how Lisa has made sacrifices in her everyday life in order to live out her dream of a life filled with travel. From skipping on dinners out and drinks, to taking freelance jobs on the road, and keeping her travels to low-cost destinations -- Lisa has all the tips and tricks you need to do the same. Find out why “slow travel” is Lisa preferred way to see the world, and what this means while she’s on the road. 

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