The 10Adventures Podcast

Skiing 1,400km across Sweden with Paolo Peralta

July 12, 2021

On this episode we find out what it’s like to ski tour 1,400km across western Sweden with Paolo Peralta who completed the epic Vita Bandet, also known as the “White Ribbon”, this past spring. Paolo shares the highs and lows of his incredible 90-day journey, which he completed partially solo and partially with friends.


If you’ve ever considered a ski touring adventure, you don’t want to miss this episode. Find out all about Paolo’s gear including some of his best tips and tricks for pulling a pulk. We also get the breakdown of terrain on various legs of the journey and what accommodations were like along the way. From breathtaking alpine scenery to stays in abandoned buildings and “cowboy camping,” Paolo’s recollections of this once in a life time adventure will take you on a joy ride and is sure to help get you ready for a ski tour of your own!

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