The 10Adventures Podcast

Cycling Scotland’s epic North Coast 500 with Dan Lo Presti

July 5, 2021

On this episode we hear all about Scotland’s North Coast 500 (NC500) from Dan Lo Presti, who cycled the 516 mile route spanning Scotland’s stunning west coast and some of its most northerly coastal points. The NC500 has been garnering some major attention in recent years, and bike touring is become increasingly popular on the remarkably scenic route. Dan shares his incredible 10-day experience with us, bringing us along on his epic journey and sharing on everything from wild camping and wildlife, to the incredible people he encountered on the route as well as the delicious food! 


Dan’s story emphasizes the pure joy that comes from the freedom afforded by bike touring. Being able to stop, start, rest, camp, and eat wherever he pleased along the way was an incredibly unique and rewarding experience. Join us to find out how bike touring allows you to become a part of the very fabric of the environment you're exploring--and how it enables you to experience it in a way, otherwise impossible!

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