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The GR5: Trekking from the Alps to the Mediterranean

October 4, 2021

Curious about France’s GR5 and want to learn more about the trek from Thonon-Les-Baines to Nice? Tune into this episode and find yourself whisked away to the French Alps and it’s cozy mountain refuges, charming villages, and it’s endless peaks and valleys along Europe’s GR5. 

On this episode, 10Adventures founder, Richard Campbell swaps seats and puts on his guest hat for an incredible episode highlighting his favourite trekking route of all time, the GR5. Richard shares how we went from putting in 70 hour work weeks to setting off on this mesmerizing trek with his newlywed wife to explore some 750km of epic French alpine scenery. Having previously trekked in the French Alps, this area had long held a special place in his heart, but setting out for 7 weeks to explore it anew with his wife in around 36 days was truly remarkable.

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